A weekend project…

To be honest, SellSideProjects.com wasn’t even a thought a week ago. So, here’s the story of how this website came to be.

It all started on June 26th. I decided it was time to sell a few of my side projects, you know, the websites you work on for years but can’t seem to gain any traction. I have a few of those… and a few random domains.

So I began researching places I could sell my sites. Again, these sites are not big moneymakers. Rather, they barely make any money at all. But, they rank for a decent amount of organic keywords, in fact, all of the traffic to these sites is 100% organic. And both websites have many blog posts but these posts aren’t driving revenue, they’re driving traffic.

So here is the dilemma. These sites don’t drive enough revenue to be listed on brokers, empireflippers.com or investors.club, further flippa.com charges fees for all listings, cutting into any profit I may make in a sale.

This is when I began to research Facebook groups. I’ve heard of redditors selling their side projects through Facebook groups but personally, i’m not active on Facebook, so this never crossed my mind. Nonetheless, I took to Facebook and joined a few groups. The problem here, is that these groups are extremely unorganized. Posts are not easily filtered or searchable, so a post can get buried fairly quickly. I do like that it is a free solution, and users can handle the transaction by simply contacting the sells. Works for craigslist, why can’t it work online, right?

So this is when I had a revelation. Why not create a marketplace for selling side projects? I had all the tools necessary to complete this and tons of time over the weekend to dedicate to the project. So, I deleted the folders I had on surchin.io and decided to use this name as a starting point.

A few hours later. I had a working marketplace running on a WordPress instance. I listed my own side project and a few domain names, create a basic logo, and added the site to Google Search Console.

Now, it was time to introduce SellSideProjects.com (at the time, Surchin.io) to the world. So I created a post on Reddit.com/r/SideProjects. And this post, is the post which really kicked the site into drive.

I appreciate all the feedback I have received so far, and I am always open to more feedback, partnerships, or ideas! Feel free to reach out at [email protected] if you want to get in touch!

So moving forward, I will be using this blog to document the journey of building this website. I will hopefully use each post as an opportunity to tell my story, while also teaching readers a thing or two about digital marketing or web development. So consider liking my Facebook Page or join the Facebook Group to stay connect and receive notification of all posts!


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